Czech novelist: Europe needs its Trump or Putin to survive as democratic area

Mr. Vyhlidka and Mr. FajtlCzech writer Mr. Vratislav Vyhlidka said, on the occasion of his thirty-seventh birthday on 23rd September, that Europe is at risk of some form of nacification or complete destruction of democratic values - and needs a strong democratic leaders such as US President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin. Czech author of war novels is nominated for this year's prestigious State Prize for Literature in the Czech Republic and was among the friends of the legendary czech military fighter pilot of the World War II era, General Frantisek Fajtl. The writer believes that without strong democratic leaders Europe will not survive for long the immigration crisis in its current political form.

"Being a Democrat does not mean to be weak or stupid. Unfortunately, our current governments in the European Union often behave week and short-sighted, I mean. People are disillusioned with what is happening in the context of the immigration crisis. There are a lot of the unemployed in the Czech Republic only, many people live on the brink of poverty. The state has no means to solve the problems of its own population, and yet we, the Europeans, play the humanists. It's a farce, nothing good will bring it. Immigrants in general do not have jobs, they live on our account, some rape our women, they bombing our cities. Europe is no longer home to Europeans, we live in fear. The media do not tell the whole truth. We accept a non-adaptive ethnicity that worsens the security situation to such an extent, which we do not remember since the Second World War. The cradle of democracy, ancient Athens, had high city walls, a determined army and a large navy, so that foreign powers could not take away their freedoms and worsened their lifestyle. Our leaders seem to start self destruction iniciative, saying to Islamic fundamentalists: come, rape, bomb us - and we give you money for a living we do not have for our own people, especially retirees, who live from hand to mouth, as they say," said the author.

According to the writer, many European politicians are only interested in gaining benefits for themselves. They act against interests of the common population. "We could see it in the small Czech Republic too. Profit is paramount even in cultural affairs. We are slaves of consumption. The level of education is decreasing, though our government spends a lot of money on equipment in schools. Corruption in many forms blooms everywhere. People do not belive in most of our politicians. There are questionable people among them. Many of them serve to elites, often former criminals. Our world reminds us a life under occupation by foreign forces. We accept decisions from abroad that are not in our interest. Brussels tackles insignificant things like, for example, whether we can serve some types of national food in restaurants or not. Our security and future is not solved, not secured. We can not breathe, our world is doomed, if something positive does not happen. We need change,” said author.

According to Mr. Vyhlídka, more and more people will support radical politicians. This reminds him of Hitler's rise to power. "It is a time for all radicals who benefit from the incompetence of democratic politicians. I will not vote in parlamentary election in October for established democratic parties whose leadership is not in the hands of successful people and experts, but those for whom politics is just a good place for easy living. They do not have the strength and the ability to take responsibility. There is no choice for us, we do not have the offer of strong leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. We can disagree with these leaders in many things, but it is true that they preserve the principles of democracy. Putin is trying to restore and defend the interests of the Russian people - that can be understood, although we do not have to agree with the way he does it. There is a lot to cast up Trump, but if I were an American, I would be sure that no immigrant would come to rape my woman, he invites no one to the country to commit bombings…, and choose a force solution where national interest calls for it. Is he an oligarch? Yes, but the history of european civilization is written by capable and wealthy people. Let us remember Caesar, Victoria, Peter the Great etc. Our civilization and lifestyle have been created by the enormous ambitions of such individuals. The rest of us, ordinary people, followed them. They were capable people, something that is lacking today for politicians. Nations, who have lost their will or the ability to rule themselves, have become weak, and finally were defeated. History teach us about it, it has often happened. The great empires fell because they spent on insignificant things and their leaders became benefactors. We need strong democratic leaders to survive,” said Mr. Vyhlidka.

He reminded that democracy would survive everything, not just a law to protect democracy. Because then it is no longer a democracy, bud dictatorship. He refuses today's ordinary prosecution of people because they have expressed their different opinion. He refuses to blame them for incitement to religious or racial hatred. He says these so called democratic laws are being abused to fight the opposition. According to him, there are forces that are trying to transform Europe into an imperial state, as it happened at the time of the ancient Rome, when Caesar's death passed the Republic into the Empire very soon. He thinks that the immigration crisis could be an instrument to reach the goal.

“Try to imagine a day where the security situation gets out of control. Raping, bombing, plundering, hunger, shooting, fire etc. Then we all vote for everything to live a little normal. We will vote for fascist rule, the empire, the control of the population, even the war for the renewal of the colonial order. And we will celebrate the advent of totalitarianism and dictatorship. Anyone who sleeps in a democracy wakes up in a dictatorship. That's it. Many things indicate that this plan exists. I do not understand the position of the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church. He is glad that Muslims come here. But these people will never be reformed, they want us to adapt to them. They have a high birth rate, and in a few generations Europe will be Muslim. It seems to me that he has decided to destroy the Catholic Church. When one thinks about it, Catholicism has been retreating since the Beatles, people are becoming increasingly unbelievers. Real believers are few in Europe. But if there will be a conflict to which the religious warfare mark might be put, the churches would be filled again, would not they?” ask author.

He reminded that today in Europe anyone who feels otherwise then other people can be imprisoned for incitement to hatred. This is, according to him, fascism. He is considering a request for political asylum in Russia or the United States, where one can still think freely and there is no ideological censorship in general. “I was a proud Czech. We are a country with a long tradition, my ancestor here was the king. Europe, however, ceases to be my home. Especially as an author of war novels, I feel that democracy in Europe is dying again. I do not regret the British that they left the European Union. It's like a Republic of Little Children, trying to do everything good but without looking for the future.”

At the end of speech to his fans, he stated that the honest patriot would soon have to decide, as a young fighter pilot Frantisek Fajtl did. If his country comes under the control of foreign forces hostile to our own nation, either he stays at home and subordinates, or leaves, and do everything in his power to return to his free homeland. "Fajtl has gone to fight the Nazis in exile, he has not seen the family for six years. He has fought against the Nazis in France, Britain and the Soviet Union. I regret that he does not live today to remind us of the times of the Munich agreement, when Western democracies retreated to the Hitler for as long as the war was inevitable. Whoever wants to live in peace must prepare for war. And no government should take steps that lead to the destruction of its own nation. However, the voter must not sleep in democracy, because democracy is an opportunity for usurpers to seize power. However, they always do it so that people give power to them. Then people will not be strong enough to take back that power. Ask yourself whether it is better to have a strong democratic leaders or wait for the long-delayed fire to break out with a devastating intensity,” ended his speech.

Mr. Vratislav Vyhlídka is a leftist democratic author from the Czech Republic. More information can be found on its author's website: (in Czech).


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  1. geronimoh napsal:

    Ja, naťurlich, vy být očeň multikulti web, gúúút. I miss ještě šlánky ááááárabsky a héééébrejsky

  2. WHO napsal:

    Ano, rekl to dobre. My treba muzeme Madarsku zavidet Orbana. Rusum Putina.Ale nemyslim si,ze by EU jako takova potrebovala vudce,myslim,ze EU by se mela rozpadnout. Obchodni dohody muzou platit i bez diktatury Bruselu a kazdy stat byl mel byt svobodny ve svem rizeni.

  3. Possum napsal:

    Hmm, obavam se, ze duvod publikace tohoto cviceni kurzu anglictiny pro zacatecniky na teto jinak pozoruhodne, avantgardni a prakticke a v mnohem obdivuhodne strance mi unika. V zadnem pripade bych nechtel tezce vydobyte a zaslouzene dobre reputaci teto stranky uskodit. Ba prave naopak. Proto bych se priklanel k tomu vyvarovat se v budoucnosti podobnych jazykovych cviceni. Text v mnohem napovida, ze cestina by byla k autorum tohoto cviceni ohleduplnejsi nez byla jejich anglictina.
    Neco mi rika, ze pravidelna ctenarska obec by se citila lepe, kdyby si nemusela vycitat, ze neovlada 'svetove jazyky' stejne bravurne jako svou lahodnou materstinu. A nebo jsem si nevsiml toho, ze clanek byl publikovan paralelne i v ceske verzi ...?
    Preju NWOO hodne uspechu a zajimaych clanku ... v cestine.
    Ps.: Smichovska Anglictina NWOO na Svetovosti Neprida

  4. SKAPP napsal:

    Neblbni, Possume, testujeme cizinu a jejich blogy, jaky muze byt jejich zajem pri vyhledavani vyrazu Trump, Putin, imigracni krize atd. Je to jen test:)

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